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Home - FAQ's

1. What happens to my listing? After you enter your listing on Roommate Locator, it can be found immediately on our search results/query page. Your contact information will be made immediately available to the member of our “Friends Program.” After 90 days you contact information will only then be made available to the general public. That is, users outside of our Friends Program will then be able to access this information.

2. How can I make my contact information available to the general public right away? If you upgrade your account to the Trial Plus Plan or higher, your contact information for your listing will become immediately available. Your listing will also be one of the top listings on our search/query page.

3. What will upgrading my account do for me?

  • You pay a one time fee to be able to view the contact information on our most current listings.
  • You will have one upgraded listing, but you will always be able to login and view the contact information for our most current listings.
  • Your contact information will be made available to the general public from day one.
  • Your first listing will be upgraded (Trial Plus Plan or higher). This means that it will be found near the top of the query page and designated as a “Friend” with an icon.

4. If I choose NOT to upgrade your account, when will my contact information become public? 90 days from your posting date.

5. Why did Roommate Locator make such a change? Roommate Locator has been free and online for going on 12 years. There are expenses associated with our site such as:

  • Hosting fees
  • Technical assistance
  • Office rental
  • Utilities
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Salaries

Yes, our site has been well trafficked and yes we do have ad revenue but that is not enough to pay our bills. Our staff has no desire to see our site go the way of and and we do not feel that our users would want to see that either. We plan to be here for years into the future. It is our hope that you will understand the need for such a change.

6. How To Join! First you need to add a listing to the database. At the bottom of the page you will see a two buttons that say "Free Listing" and "Upgrade Account". Select "Upgrade Account" and then click "Add My Listing!". After that following the instructions given.